The OCC Model



o   RMG believes in creating events that are actually OWNED by our clients. We build all of our vehicles from the ground up, brand them with our client’s name and image.

o   The artists, markets and venues change, but the event(s) and program(s) remain the property of our clients, which offers them the unique ability to build equity in their investments.



o   As the entertainment industry has expanded, it has also become more competitive and cluttered. In this environment, it is increasingly important to build entertainment marketing offerings that are designed expressly for the individual client and their consumer target.

o   To achieve this objective, RMG always aims to create programming that meets the very specific and individualized needs of our client’s brands; from program timing and priority markets, to a finely tuned demographic focus.

o   We never take a “generic” approach to matching entertainment assets to our client’s needs, rather we develop our program concepts, music talent and content platforms that meet the exact “specifications” for each individual program.



o   The most effective and proven means to achieve significant and long term brand building and sales results in lifestyle marketing is by committing to a strategy and sticking with it… continuity is the only way to true cost efficiency and lasting impact.

o   If music and event marketing has demonstrated a clear and proven success for a brand, it is essential to “stay the course”.  Bouncing back and forth between disparate approaches, ultimately confuses the target consumer and fails to establish long term results, consistency and credibility.  RMG has created and managed numerous campaigns that have achieved a consistent message with multi-year programming for a wide range of clients.