Cracker Barrel Latin Tour

Cracker Barrel Latin Tour

Integrated Cracker Barrel into core Hispanic markets and established programs to give Cracker Barrel a brand foothold within the Hispanic community

Created pre-event job fairs for local restaurant job opportunities to fill management and front of store positions

Raised funds for local children’s charities in each market establishing a relationship within the market as a partner for local causes

Partnered with local radio and print outlets to market and promote Cracker Barrel’s goodwill within the Hispanic community

On stage client messaging by artists and local radio personalities

Extensive social media posting on Twitter and FB by artists and media partners before and after the event

Contests and promotions through local and social media for free tickets, meals and merchandise at local restaurant locations

Raised tens of thousands of dollars in each market for local children’s charities

Created long term goodwill and partnership opportunities within the Hispanic community